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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What do I need to bring?

Notebook and pen/pencil. Toiletries (i.e. soap, toothpaste, shampoo, etc.), bath towel(s), bedding: preferably a sleeping bag and pillow otherwise sheets and blankets, personal water bottle, head covering, musical instruments – for those who have instruments such as dilruba, harmonium, tabla, etc., and would like to use them in the kirtans. See question 11 below. A detailed list will be sent to all attendees. For winter retreat come prepared for cold snowy weather (jacket, gloves, boots etc.)


2. Is this camp right for me? Will I “fit in”?

Summer camp is open to all interested in Sikhi, regardless of what stage they are at in their spiritual journey. The only limitation is that attendees for each retreat be of the correct age. Note: Winter retreat is designed for motivated and experienced attendees and open primarily to invitees. 


3. Is it okay if I don’t know anyone else who is going?

Absolutely! We make a conscious effort to make introductions. Our goal is that you leave with memorable experiences and sangat that you continue to stay in contact with post-retreat.


4. Can I attend for one day?

Participants are required to be present for the entire duration of the camp. For specific inquiries, please contact us.


5. Will transport be provided?

Yes. Buses/Vans will be picking attendees up from a select list Gurdware, see registration form for locations. Arrangements will vary per location. Details will be emailed out in the days prior to the Retreat -- Preemptively, expect departure early in the morning. 


6. My parents are reluctant to let me go, can an elder camp advisor speak with them?

Certainly! We understand that parents who are unfamiliar with the camp may be hesitant to let their children attend. An elder camp advisor would be happy to have a conversation with your parent/s in order to help them feel comfortable and address any questions/concerns they may have.


7. Are parents allowed to come with their child?

Parents are encouraged to attend. Parents MUST register themselves separately.


8. Will I get a refund if I cancel?

No, we will not be offering refunds at this time.


9. Are there any transportation arrangements to get to/from the camp center?

Yes, bus and car transportation will be provided from several Gurdwaras. Information on transportation arrangements will be provided to those who have registered.


10. I am attending Virsa with my child, can we arrive on site using our own transportation?

If you are a parent attending with your child, you may elect to drive to the campsite yourselves. Please be sure to note the intended mode of transportation for your child in the registration form, i.e. Will you be taking the bus together or driving separately.

Important: We understand parents are often restricted by work schedules, please inform us of any such issues by email at Children are still expected to arrive on time.


11. What should I wear?

Since a significant portion of your time will be spent in the Diwan Hall, we recommend you dress comfortably in loose fitting modest clothing. We encourage Bana, Kurta Pajama or Salwar Kameej. No shorts! Please also bring athletic clothing and shoes for physical activities. 

For Winter Retreat: Winters are freezing to sub-freezing. Please come prepared with warm clothing and footwear appropriate for snow/ice.


12. How many people will be attending?

Summer: There will be a limit of 175 participants in this retreat. We advise you register as soon as possible to reserve your place.

Winter: Will be limited to 70 attendees total.


13. Will there be any physical activities or sports?

Yes! Every day will include fun physical activities and sports. For Winter Retreat, if snowfall has accumulated: Sledding!


14. Where will the retreat be held?

The retreat will be held near South Lake Tahoe in California. 


15. I have health/financial/other concerns.

The camp is about inclusion and empowerment through a positive social and spiritual environment. We welcome all yearning to share this experience. Please contact us and we will reply in confidence to assist you with any concerns.

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