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Bhai Sukha Singh Ji has for years translated the Daily Hukamnama from Sri Harimandar Sahib into English and has traveled the world teaching about the Shabad Guru in the traditional style of Katha. Bhai Sahib's passion for Sikhi and Sikhyaa, doubled with his skill and humor as a speaker, always leave listeners deeply inspired and with a message Sikhi to keep within their hearts.

Bhai Baljit Singh Ji has devoted himself, full-time, to the parchaar of Sikhi through a back-to-the-basics approach. With the Basics of Sikhi team, they have demystified Sikhi for youth in the West in a direct and easily digestible manner. Aside from the Gurdwara stage, Bhai Sahib has taken parchaar to the classroom as well as the streets and has utilized social media platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, to reach out to and inspire an audience perhaps not accustomed to a traditional style.

Bibi Jasmin Kaur Ji is a founding organizer of Azaadi, BC, Canada as well as a writer, graphic designer and slam poet. Her writing, which explores otherness, decolonization and the beauty of resistance, acts as a means of healing and reclaiming identity. As a youth facilitator, Jasmin has been leading writing and personal development workshops for young people since 2013. Aside from community organizing and speaking at Sikh youth events, Jasmin is currently completing her degree in English at the University of the Fraser Valley.

Inspired by a passion for Sikhi, Gurmehar Singh has been pursuing a degree in Philosophy of Religion. Doing sewa at Gurmat camps, both near and far, at a young age has piqued his interest and desire into delving deeper into Gurbani, particularly etymologically understanding each shabad. He credits a large part of his ongoing Sikhi education to the katha of many Gursikhs and Bhai Kahan Singh Nabha's Mahaan Kosh

Bhai Sukhwinder Singh (a.k.a. Sukhy Baba) has been brought up and educated in the UK, where he has been doing nishkaam parchar for countless years. Bhai Sahib has taken this parchar to many countries including Australia, Malaysia, and the US. He is multi-talented taking with him his wonderful humor, great story-telling skills, and beautiful Kirtan everywhere he goes. 

Professor Cynthia Mahmood is currently the Frank Moore Chair of Anthropology at Central College. Mahmood specializes in the anthropology of violence, war and peace, terrorism, guerilla warfare, and language and culture. After a decade studying the international Sikh community, Mahmood is an expert on the movement for statehood (Khalistan movement), human rights in Punjab and Sikh religious issues. Her research resulted in the book “Fighting for Faith and Nation: Dialogues with Sikh Militants".

Camp Site - South Lake Tahoe

The site offers full-facility lodging, amazing recreation, and a scenic overview of the surrounding mountains.



On-site activities will include:

         -Mountain Bicycling

           -and more!

-High Rope Course




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